Why We Chose a Self-Inflating Camping Mattress?

Camping Mattress?

Why We Chose a Self-Inflating Camping Mattress?

Making a camping trip all lively and exciting has a lot to do with your sleep. Nothing about the trip can be enjoyed to its entirety without a good night’s sleep since your body seeks rest after the whole day of activities. Thinking of sleep, you don’t get to have the same comfort as you do at home, but a portion of it can be guaranteed with the different kinds of mattresses available.

You could slide into the sleeping bag or use a yoga style mat for the slumber. The fun of the trip lies in the choice of mattress you make, and a self-inflating mat could serve the purpose well. A trial was conducted with all possible forms of sleeping gear to see which one fills the next day with more smiles. Look through all the options and see why some of them stand out; stick to what you feel is best, as sleep is essential for the next day’s activities.

Sleeping Without a Mat


Sleeping Without a Mat

If you are young and have no injuries or pains, sleeping directly on the ground with a sleeping bag is a good option. But most people don’t prefer to take a nap this way, pushing it down as a last resort.

Sleeping with a Yoga Style Mat

Although this does give you some sense of comfort compared to the previous method, it isn’t luxury by itself either. While yoga mats became the trend and people were using it for better sleep during camps, the new style mats kicked in with a bang. Both inflatable and self-inflating types were available in the market with numerous variants.

Sleeping with the Inflatable and Self-Inflating Mats

These were a great upgrade to the yoga mats since sleep was deepened with those comfy insides. But it surely had a few drawbacks as well, such as that of the effort going into blowing the mat. Some other options for this type are available too, and most of them offer impressive features.

Self-Inflating Mats

The type in which various pocket systems have been built guaranteed comfortable sleep and less sliding over on the surface you sleep. It also is lightweight and small, making the packing stage easy. But it would take a lot of effort to blow up the mattress, and it also wasn’t made of durable material. In a variant with the wavy surface, comfort and lightweight features were guaranteed but again took a lot of effort to blow and chances for it burst were high too. Another mat that is similar to the first one had fairly better features but had to take effort to blow in and was quite expensive.

The last option on the list was the self-inflating mattress, and it turned out to be the best. Inflating without the need for blowing air into it was the biggest benefit, and it also guaranteed a comfortable sleep, was durable, and had fewer chances of being punctured. The only drawbacks of the self-inflating mattresses are that they are expensive and aren’t as light or small as the inflatables.

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