How to Inflate Air Mattresses Without a Pump

Inflate Air Mattresse

How to Inflate Air Mattresses Without a Pump

Blowing air into the mattresses could be a hassle when you want a good night’s sleep, and it would only add to the stress and fatigue of the day’s activities. Everyone agrees unanimously to the fact that pumps are the best choice to inflate these mattresses; they are, indeed, the best inflators. But the issue that the users might face will be that of the pump breaking down or forgetting it at home. Not many people will know how to handle such situations since they have been programmed to get things done with ease. But such an unfortunate situation shouldn’t dispirit you from getting sleep to wake up to new adventures. There are several tricks you can use to inflate your mattress when the pump isn’t functioning. Here is a compilation of the best ways you can adopt to inflate your air mattress without a pump.

1.      Vacuum Cleaner

     Vacuum Cleaner

You wouldn’t need to run to a nearby store to get a pump when you are heading to the camp. A vacuum cleaner can easily replace the external mattress pump if you have a hose attachment for the cleaner. Before inflating the mattress, you need to make sure that the vacuum cleaner hasn’t got any debris or dust particles. Carry it around your house by running it over the surface until you are certain the cleaner is free of such dirt. Spread your mattress over a flat and clean surface and open up the valve. The cleaner’s hose is to be connected to the nozzle of the mattress in such a way that it remains airtight. You could also buy an adaptor to make the best connection between the nozzle and the hose. Set the vacuum cleaner in reverse mode to blow out air. This can help you inflate the air mattress in a matter of a few minutes.

2.      Hair Dryer

If the pump isn’t working, get the hairdryer in the cupboard to fill your mattress with air. Although hair dryers aren’t as effective as the vacuum cleaner, they are easier to use. Make sure not to fill the mattress with hot air when inflating as it could damage the seams of the mattress, consequently, ending up in a puncture. So, set your hairdryer to cold settings when blowing air into the mattress. Connect the dryer to the nozzle of the mattress and inflate it to the required firmness.


Hair Dryer

3.      Garbage Bags

As bizarre it may sound, garbage bags can, indeed, be used for inflating your air mattress if your external pump isn’t working. This method is a bit more time-consuming than the other two, but you can get your mattress ready if you put in some patience. Get a large refuse bag that is strong enough to hold the air inside. Swinging it around will help in trapping air, and once it is done, seal the open end of the bag. By connecting one end of the garbage bag to the mattress nozzle and pressing the bag hard, you can get your mattress inflated. You will need to repeat the process for about 10 times to get the mattress to your desired firmness.

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