Why is my air pad leaking?

All Windcatcher products are designed to remain inflated throughout the night and each pad is tested before they ship to you. Like with all inflatables, when the air inside the pad starts to cool it will become denser. When this happens the drop in pressure can be misinterpreted as a leak.

If you think you have a leak be sure to perform the following check:

Fully inflate the air pad, adding additional air using the traditional valve, if needed. Be sure the Windcatcher valve has been rolled tightly and neatly. Allow the air pad to rest for 4 or more hours, then add additional air using the traditional valve.

If after 8 more hours, you notice the pad no longer appears full, your pad likely has a puncture or hole that is allowing air to escape. Attempt to locate the hole by inspecting the surface of the pad.


Why can't I get my air pad to fully inflate?

Firstly, always make sure the traditional valve in the corner is fully tightened.

Secondly, make sure the blue tab in the center of the Windcatcher valve is fully inserted into the valve. This seals the Windcatcher valve and prevents air loss.


How much weight is my AirPad 2+ rated for?

The AirPad 2+ has a rated weight capacity of 285 lbs.


What r-value does the AirPad 2+ have?

Although we have not had our AirPad 2+ independently tested, we would place the r-value around 1.5.