The Windcatcher Story

Ryan was at the beach with his family, watching his brother trying to inflate a simple floating toy. After a few breaths, his brother gave up, threw the toy down, and mumbled some expletives. This got Ryan thinking that there must be a better way. After a lot of trial and error and tons of Googling he was able to develop Windcatcher- a revolutionary inflation technology. 

He enlisted his friends Zeke and Rob to help him launch their flagship product on Kickstarter; a crowd sourcing website. Just 8 days after their launch, they were able to raised over $50,000 in pre-orders and also got the attention of dozens of investors, distributors, and licensing partners.

Thanks to the help from the Kickstarter community, the Windcatcher inflation technology is well on its way to becoming standard on most inflatables as well as inspiring new ideas and spawning future innovations.